Their has been many times in my life where I found myself in trouble and I can say not one of them times did God fail me . I called and he answered with a way out . I have to say that he gave me the strength to try and the will to help others by what I learned doing so. I never got into diet and fitness much like now once as a kid I did come a long way from being overweight to join the navy but even though it was hard I did it with exercise but their is a point when age plays a big factor in how our body works. a park of ageing we all go though is imbalances in hormones along with other things that come in the ageing proses. about three years after my weight loss my doctor found that I had LOW TESTOSTRONE are low-T and that can cause many problems like mussel loss hair loss and weight gain . it had me filling like I mite be having heart issues and even had my doc send me to have a heart calf done that all was because of low-T . well my heart and arteries  was in perfect shape but glad to find that out anyway. a few years later they found that I had a thyroid problem so now I'm on medication for that to . seeing my doctor on a regular basis is very helpful to fight off ageing problems and after 45 years we all should make regular visits to get test done to see just what is going on after all God gave us them to take care of us but we have to Go